Keep Your Game Easy Yet Entertaining with a Bottle of Water in Bottle Flip 3D

It's rarely my thing to play bottle flipping in real life because it is difficult to get a bottle of water to land standing on the table. I must admit it has been really annoying once I couldn’t get it right even just once so I can already move ahead. My patience was really tested when I needed to manage even a single successful standing land that could last a bit longer.

I am thankful that my phone has given me a second chance with regards to the game of bottle flipping. Bottle flipping has become easy and entertaining with Bottle Flip 3D and you could spend hours of satisfaction while playing it. As opposed to the actual game, it is easier to play as you can see that your spinning bottle will ultimately land right side up on any flat surface.

If you are searching for a game that's pure entertainment, I recommend that you download Bottle Flip 3D and you could install it on your desktop for a bigger and better gaming experience. You should understand that it might bore you in the process since it is repetitive. However, as you move from one level to another, the difficulty will also increase so better expect that you'll get stuck in a particular level at one point. Rack up your brain and figure out a good strategy to be able to get through and make it to the finish line.

The bottle will do a flip and it will move ahead as it lands on tables, shelves, refrigerators, and any other kinds of furniture in the process whenever you touch the screen. Touch your screen while your bottle is still flying in mid-air so that it can perform the double flip and land a little further than the single flip. Just keep in mind that it is merely a double flip so you have to carefully calculate the exact moment it will land. Also, your game is over as soon as it touches the ground so be sure that it won't fall.

You will notice that it gets much more dangerous in the following stages as you complete more levels. Also, you will face moreg challenges, such as moving fans, falling shelves, unbalanced chairs, and so much more. The game is pretty easy and it uses very easy controls but you should be ready with challenging levels that will make you think carefully.

You have to touch the screen and find places where the bottle will land all the way to the end of the line. However, some levels would really make you commit two or three mistakes (or even more) before you could finally complete a certain percentage on your screen. The percentage of level you could have completed will be shown on the screen before you actually fall to the ground. You've got the choice to continue before the game is over and you can do this by watching an ad so you can get back to where you have left off before you fell.

Just like most games, you'll also receive certain rewards when you play Bottle Flip 3D and you can exchange them for prizes. You will start with an ordinary water bottle and you earn gems as you move from one level to another so you can buy new bottles to complete more levels. Gems can also be earned when you watch video ads and you can unlock certain bottles with this option so long as you stay online once you play.

It's a free-to-play game so you will expect lots of ads in between each level, which can be annoying for some players that will be inclined to close the game and make a return. Choose from two paid versions so you won’t see any more ads. water bottle flip games is also another option in order to get access to exclusive bottles that will add hype to your game. You can certainly enjoy the reason for the game and be entertained for quite long regardless of your decision.

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